Soap and skin creams are not enough to take care of your skin. To keep your skin bright, smooth, and dazzling you need to exfoliate it. Exfoliation means removing all the dead cells from your skin in a safe way.

The below list has 8 exfoliants that are created following a scientific process. These liquids are skin-friendly and they can bring an innocent glow back to your skin. So, read the list.

8 Safe, Effective, and Advanced Exfoliants

1) Bha Liquid Exfoliant (2% Bha)

This exfoliant is a perfect formula that you can apply daily to your skin. It can remove dead skin cells and it can clear the pores of your skin. Moreover, it can also reduce wrinkles on your skin. So, it’s an ideal exfoliant to keep your skin healthy.

2) Aha Gel Exfoliant (8% Aha)

If you want to have smoother-looking skin, then this gel could be a great one. The gel has glycolic acid that can remove the dead skin layers from your skin. As a result, you would get an even skin tone and there would be a natural glow on your skin.

3) Bha Body Treatment (2% Bha)

Salicylic acid is a highly-effective solution for exfoliation. The best part of this formula is that you can apply it all over your body. It’s a lightweight lotion and you can apply it to your arms and legs. So, no more dull skin.

4) Bha Treatment (Bha 9)

When every formula fails, it’s time to try BHA 9 treatment. The concentrated formula can clean stubborn spots and it can also clear enlarged pores. There will be no hard bumps and your skin would look younger.

5) Anti Redness Solution (2% Salicylic Acid)

There could be breakouts or red marks on your skin. Apart from that your skin may be acne-prone. Now, you can use this exfoliating formula and you can make your skin smooth. It’s a non-irritating formula that can unclog all your skin pores.

6) Exfoliant Peel (Aha+ Bha)

The powerful multi-acid formula of this gel can brighten your skin tone. Wrinkles will be reduced and all the skin pores will be unclogged. This means you would get two formulas in one gel for perfect-looking skin.

7) Exfoliation Kit

The kit has – BHA and AHA exfoliant peel, liquid exfoliant, and reusable cotton rounds. The kit can cleanse skin pores and it can smoothen rough skin. Thus, you would get healthier and cleaner skin.

8) Anti Redness Solution (Extra Strength)

Blackheads and acne sometimes become too stubborn. In that case, you should choose this extra-strength solution. The solution has 2% salicylic acid with pore-penetrating formula. It would hydrate your skin and there will be no irritation.