Photos are a great form of storing memories. And photo frames are great for showcasing a photo or a few for reminiscing some beautiful moments. Traditional photo frames are a passé; Aura Frames are the future. So what is so special about Aura Frames anyway? Well, they are not the simple photo frame used by your parents or grandparents. Aura Frames is the new age photo frame that can be connected to your phone through Wi-Fi. You can upload your choice of photos and videos that would be displayed on the frame. Cool, right? Let us recommend you two of the best Aura Frames for yourself or someone dear to you.

Mason Luxe

This photo frame displays ultra-high resolution shots that would allow you to relive your memorable past. If you are looking to gift it to someone special, you can simply add relevant videos and photos taken with them and surprise them with your thoughtful gift. As soon as they open the package, they will be surprised to see the memorable moments they spent with you. This design is inspired by sandstone, and it is a freestanding 9.7” display frame. They also have another variant – the pebble color – that is equally good. It can be set up in minutes and can be connected to your phone through an Android or iOS app. This particular Aura Frame is the winner of Wirecutter Pick 2022 as mentioned in The New York Times.

Buddy Biscuit

If you are a pet owner and lover and wish to frame the memorable moments of your beloved pet, this Aura Frame is the best one for you. It has a large 10.1” digital display that comes in a landscape orientation. It is easy to set up and use and can be connected easily to your phone through the free Aura app. If you have two pets and you want to dedicate each frame to one pet, you can buy two of them which will give you an additional discount of $15. It is available in a biscuit color that looks elegant and classy.