Men’s shoes is a term used to describe footwear that is marketed, marketed primarily, or marketed particularly for the male gender. The term can also be used to refer to shoes that are exclusively male, or unisex.

List of men’s shoes to buy today

1. Citysole Lace Up Boot

The Citysole Lace Up Boot is a popular casual boot with a padded collar and tongue. It is available in brown and burgundy. The shoes have an unbreakable buckle on the front while the heel and sole are made of rubber. This is a very durable, strong, and sturdy pair of shoes that offer comfort to the feet as well as enough stability as they are well-balanced. They can complement men’s formal wear very well, especially with black trousers and shirts.

2. Citysole Lace Up Boot In Signature Jacquard

These boots are designed in black suede and have a subtle pattern that goes along with them. The ankle is also padded, which adds to the comfort of wearing them. These shoes are very versatile and can be worn anywhere on any occasion, including before office hours or while traveling. They are made from leather and fabric as well as full-grain oiled leather and suede which makes them look incredibly traditional yet contemporary at the same time.

3. Metropolitan Chelsea Boot

The Metropolitan Chelsea Boot is an extremely popular boot that has been designed by Coach in black leather. It has two straps on the front and one strap across the ankle. The sole of this shoe is made of rubber while the front heel is made of leather. This shoe can be worn with formal wear as well as casual wear and can be worn with jeans as well as trousers. They are easy to clean and can look very professional and sleek as long as they are paired up with jeans or dark trousers.

4. Citysole High Top Sneaker

The Citysole High Top Sneaker is a casual sneaker that is made from leather. The back of this shoe has a zipper closure, which makes it easily fixable and easy to adjust. The toe of the shoe is also padded which makes it very comfortable to wear and also keeps the foot in place when running or playing sports. This shoe can be worn with jeans as well as trousers and looks great when paired up with dark blue or black trousers. They can also be used for casual outings like going on a picnic, hanging out at the beach or even running around in gym class.

5. Lowline Low Top Sneaker

The Lowline Low Top Sneaker is a casual sneaker that can be styled with trousers, jeans, dresses, and even shorts. This footwear has a cushion on the toe and heel which makes it extremely comfortable to wear yet very lightweight. The rest of the shoe can be plain black. The heel is also padded which makes these shoes wearable all day without any discomfort in the back of one’s heels when running or playing sports.