Auraframes have become popular options for those looking to purchase a new pair of glasses and are making their way into the mainstream as more people seek out bifocal, progressive, or varifocal lenses. Recent advancements in optical research have resulted in new shapes that provide a more customized experience.

The following are some of the popular variations of frames you may need to try out;

1. Carver

It has a 10.1” High Definition Display. It is extremely helpful in viewing all social media, the internet, and more. The Carver has a touch-enabled display and WiFi and it features 4G LTE connectivity with a superfast processor. It is relatively easy to use when you learn to use it. It is compatible with iOS and android operating systems.

2. Carver Mat

This frame is inspired by high tech and has ultra lightweight. The Carver mat is a matte finish frame with criss-cross hinges. It has an HD touch screen for clarity and brightness. It is perfect for those who have low vision. The Carver mat is a 9.8 mm frame with an HD display. It cost approximately $179.

3. Mason

The Mason has a lot of benefits. The mason has a transitional look that is more comfortable than the classic frame. It also has finger grips, which makes it easier to handle. The mason is 8 mm with an HD display. It weighs approximately 0.2 pounds and comes with a battery charger, case, and cleaning cloth too. It cost around $179.

4. Mason Luxe

This auto frame has a 9.7” 2K display and an advanced hinge mechanism. It has an HD touchscreen that is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. The parent Mason Luxe has a criss-cross hinge and a high polish finish.